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Playing Fallout 3 on Linux with PlayOnLinux and Steam

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

This week I bought a bottle of “Nuka Cola” ( in a geek shop which has opened in Munich recently. This remembered me of the good time I had when playing Fallout 3 – so I decided to give it a try to get the game running on my current Mint 14 machine.

Remembering I had the game running once using Wine on Snow Leopard, I was confident get it working on Linux, too. I read about something called “PlayOnLinux” some time ago, I wanted to try this handy tool also. And, it really helped me and saved precious time which I would have normally wasted on configuring Wine.
To keep the long story short, here my approach:

– get PlayOnLinux (apt-get install playonlinux)
– install Steam inside of PlayOnLinux (the automatically chosen version of Wine 1.5.25 works fine for me)
– install d3dx9 and msasn1 packages for the Steam virtual drive
– start steam, log in with your account and install Fallout 3
– launch Fallout 3 and have fun!

The game runs fine with me GeForce 210 graphics card and the NVIDIA binary Xorg driver (304).