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Using BASH for network socket operation

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

In order to solve a programming assignment (send a “TEST” to an UDP service and readout the result [beeing “success”]) i looked into socket programming with the BASH command shell.

Here is the code:

# configuration

# define functions
socksend ()
	echo "sending: $SENDME"
	echo -ne "$SENDME" >&5 &

sockread ()
	RETURN=`dd bs=$1 count=1 <&5 2> /dev/null`

echo "trying to open socket"
# try to connect
if ! exec 5<> /dev/udp/$HOST/$PORT; then
  echo "`basename $0`: unable to connect to $HOST:$PORT"
  exit 1
echo "socket is open"

# send request
socksend "TEST"

# read 7 bytes for "success"
sockread 7

The procedure is fairly easy:
– create a filedescriptor (using number 5 because 0,1,2 are for system stdin/stdout/stderr, so i am on the safe side) and link it to the special device /dev/udp (/dev/tcp for tcp connections).
– read/write to the fd

Attention: your bash must be compiled with this feature, otherwise there wont be any /dev/udp or /dev/tcp devices.

My post should answer the question posted here:

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