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Compiling a kernel module on and for the raspberry pi

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

So in order to compile a module for a precompiled version of the raspberry pi linux kernel, some quirks were necessary. The goal was to not build the kernel fully (which is also possible after these steps) but to rebuild a module for the currently running kernel after modifying its source.

If you have seen

Error: could not insert module drivers/w1/slaves/w1_therm.ko: Invalid module format

while trying to insmod and

[ 5697.914596] w1_therm: no symbol version for module_layout

in dmesg or

ERROR: could not insert 'w1_therm': Exec format error

after modprobe, then stick around.

My script with explanations is available over at

so hopefully all that needs to be done on the rpi is (as root, sudo -i)

# mkdir -p /root/kernel
# cd /root/kernel
# wget

then check if the defaults in the script are fine for you, like location for source and kernel branch, then execute

# bash

and follow the instructions. Each new message expects a keypress to continue.

Following is some additional info i found handy on my journey to a loadable module.

If you have used rpi-update by accident and got on an experimental kernel (remember, new kernels are now installed via apt-get!) you can revert to a stock kernel by forcing a reinstall via

apt-get install --reinstall raspberry-bootloader

When is Module.symvers generated.

How to get the right kernel version for a running setup without recompiling kernel.

Crosscompile a kernel module.

General information on building the rpi kernel and general kernel module building and contribution infos.