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The Gossen Konstanter – a piece of history

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Today, we found a really interesting piece of electronics in the box where all electrotechnical things have to go at the end of their life…
A DC power source from Gossen with 80 V, 12 A maximum ratings. Nice piece of engineering. Perhaps it’s the definition of old-fashioned with it’s non-smd components, some logic chips and an excessive use of analog stuff. We can’t definitely tell how old it is, but we think it’s about 20-25 years old.
First, we just wanted to take it with us for exploiting purposes (yeah, the analog displays and so on), but then we disassembled it completely, just for fun.
I don’t want to talk much about the components, just have a look at the biiiiig transformers and the row of capacitors (each 1.5 F).

After 30 minutes of hard work, we had a cool (but definitely not small) case for building some tube amplifier or media computer and some analog gauges, switches and plug sockets =)