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Making a clip with a Nintendo DS

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

With its touchscreen input method, a Nintendo DS can also used to draw pictures. what about a software that combines pictures and makes clips out of them, directly on the device?

well, check out Animatee DS! its rather powerfull, user friendly and efficient. you need to be able to run homebrew (software that private people wrote and are not available in nintendo cartridges) software. there are different methods e.g. putting a M3 Simply into the slot1.

after you start Animatee DS you get an interface where you can draw frame by frame. Whilst in drawing mode the buttons ‘L’ or ‘R’ bring up a menu where you can perform different settings like color, framerate, onion mode (where you can see the last frame so its easier to build upon), undo, play and the thickness of the pen.

i made some short clips but actually only one made it to the net. its about a trip we took after graduation at school.