How to solve a Rubiks Cube – Cheatsheet

So you own one of those nifty little cubes? And want to solve it?

Let me tell you, if you follow some simple instructions, you will be able to solve the cube, no matter what the initial setting is. But if your not familiar with the terminus or just started to play with the cube, i highly recommend Dan Browns instruction on youtube. The entrypoint can be found here:

If you are familiar with the terms and the algorithms and just need the instructions again, read on. The instructions assume a standard color cube and the following notation:

rubic cube notation

notation for the cheatsheet

1. Green cross (green color on top)

– bring green each piece to bottom side

– turn bottom until the other color of the edge piece is underneath the right side color

– turn side twice

2. Green corners (green color on top)

– bring a green cornerpiece underneath the right corner or at the right position (wrong direction)

R’, D’, R, D until corner fits

– repeat with all green corners. The sides should form little T’s

3. Second layer (green color on bottom, blue on top)

– if edge pieces in top layer only contain blue:

— turn cube until edge piece in question is on front middle right

U, R, U’, R’, U’, F’, U, F

– if edge piece in top layer does not contain blue:

— turn top layer so the edge piece color fits the side color

— top color belongs to left side:

U’, L’, U, L, U, F, U’, F’

— top color belongs to right side:

U, R, U’, R’, U’, F’, U, F

4. Blue cross (blue on top)

– top shows a little L form (middle, and two edges are blue): put L in back-left of top

– top shows an I form (blue line): put I horizontal

– top shows no shape at all: do nothing

– then perform: F, R, U, R’, U’, F’ until blue cross on top

5. Arrange blue cross (blue on top)

– if two edges of top layer correspond and are:

— beside each other: put one in back and one right

— opposite sides: put one in front and one in back

– perform R, U, R’, U, R, 2U, R’ (+U)

6. Prepare finish (corner place, blue top)

– if one corner is in the correct place (dont mind the orientation, just the colors): put it in top right front

– perform: U, R, U’, L’, U, R’, U’, L

– repeat with correct corners on top right front until all corners are in place

7. Finish the cube (corner orientation, blue top)


– with the unfinished corner in the top right front: R’, D’, R, D until corner is on correct orientation

– ONLY TURN TOP, to bring next corner to top right front, keep your front color the same. Repeat above algorithm until all corners are oriented correctly.

– turn top und bottom layer to fit the middle layer and you are DONE.

Those instructions are also available as a PDF:

PDF Download

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