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Video footage of the CTBot Project

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

I am doing a project for my university which involves a robot, developed by a big community of a very big publisher (Heise), the so called CtBot. Check out their webpage ( or the unofficial page ( which provides an irc channel, wiki and forum, where you can get help.

I put some videos of the progress on youtube and wanted to list them here as well.

This one was the very first testrun where we tried to see if the hardware worked. It did.

Not very intelligent, just trying to avoid obstacles (detected via two sharp distance sensors in the front).

One of our programs make the robot perform like he is drunk and cant ‘walk’ on a straight line.

Here the robot does a 360 degree turn and measures the light in 6 directions, sorts the values, turns back to its initial position and then turns towards the brightest spot.

Just a little game with the distance sensors as input and the screen as output.