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May I introduce myself…

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Hi there, my name is Chris007, and I am a student of Electrotechnical Engineering here in Munich. In the past, BEni and me built up and managed several projects together, just like providing a photopage and a bulletin board for our friends/the youth community in our hometown and many many other programming and website stuff, another blog (but one of the _blathering_blogs), more picspage, more bulletin board, and so on. But most of it has gone offline long time ago, through lack of time and/or interest – yah, you understand me ;)

My intention is to support BEnis Blog from time to time, for keeping the blog alive in times the mastermind has to do other important things, and keeping u blogreaders well informed about the stuff we (try to) do.

Well, I hope you will find some interesting information in what I write, perhaps it helps you solving a problem you actually are confronted with – at least my posts may entertain you and prevent you from doing other stuff!

Fixing up my homepage

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Since i had this webspace for quite a while now and the homepage barely changed (due to time issues) i decided to go the easy way and keep my stuff sorted with a blogsoftware, thats _not_ written by me (remember, the time issue).

i poked around the net and found wordpress to be one of the well developed, widely used ones, so i just gave it a try.

install was easy as promised, and getting to know all the features is what i will do the next couple of weeks.

i planned on posting news and development stati of my projects as well as other stuff that keeps me busy. i assume, thats what a blog is for.

uh wait, i have exams comming up, so no big changes in the near future, but so far im pretty happy with what i got.

take care