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X-Chat2 script to preserve nickname

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I have been using X-Chat2 for quite a while now, and since my ISP cuts my line every 24h, i rejoin all IRC networks once my client detects the disconnect. This happens before the server realises, that the old connection is invalid, so my nickname is occupied by a ghost (zombie connection). There is a command to tell the server, that this situation has happened (ghosting), but not all servers support it.

Thats why i wrote this script, which listens for some events (e.g. the QUIT command, which is sent when the server realises, the other connection is dead) and then tries to change the nick back to the primary nick. It also listens to some more events and has a nickchange delay (so you dont spam the server with nickchanges in case of a problem). One could probably reduce the eventlisteners to the QUIT one.

I wrote this in perl, because i was looking at other plugins how the xchat API works, but it should be fairly easy to port it to python or c++, or whatever you want. No special license.

Install by simply renaming it to and putting it into your


folder and ensuring that perl is installed. X-Chat will try to load it on start.