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ICQ is going to die!

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

… if you follow this post and switch over to XMPP (formerly known as Jabber).

Tired of some weird russian sounding pal requesting you to authorize him? Like five times a day? Tired of calling your buddies on the phone, just to check whether “ICQ is down”? Tired of the message “your client cannot handle the protocoll, please update” which is connected to protocoll changes which again the free (and i especially mean ad-free) clients have to deal with?

Well, todays downtime was the straw, that broke the camels back. Im done with ICQ. Forever!

I wanted to create an XMMP account for ages, but didnt find the time and the motivation to read up on that technique. I didnt do that stuff now either, i just created an account and i am now trying to convert the people i want to stay in touch with to also switch over.

Basically thats the deal: XMPP is an open standard protocoll, which allows instant messaging (and such) in a free and decentralized way. That is, you can run your own server OR you sign up at a public server like or in my case It doesnt really matter which server you use, since the servers communicate with each other, to transmit your message.

Most clients (like Pidgin) should support the XMPP protocol directly or via plugins. The easy routine for the beginning is:

1. Fire up your client and go to the option to manage your accounts

2. Create a new account with your ID (e.g., a password (which will be saved at the server in plaintext, so trust the server or dont use your bankaccount password [which you shouldnt be doing anyways!!]), and the host ( The client should then finish the process of registration, and your ready to go. You might have to search the net for specific instructions for your client. Its probably totally easy!

3. Tell your friends and beloved ones that your not on ICQ anymore but instead on XMPP. Exchange your Jabber ID’s, and continue chatting

There is a lot more to XMPP, but as i said, i didnt yet get into reading about the kewl stuff. For now, its a good supplement for ICQ. Stuff like Tunnels (which let you use ICQ over Jabber), the fact that most Mailservices let you use your adress as XMPP login (like or or or security (e.g. OTR) are up to some future research.