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Sanyo XG-NV2E Beamer – old but working!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The best things are the things you dont have to pay for. Air, Water (not yet), Love (in most cases not), and, my new beamer which has been given me as a gift.
Ok, its probably not a _new_ beamer, but it’s a new one for me!
I do not know the exact age of my new toy but I think it’s about 10 years old, probably one of the first beamers with 3 LCD technology. The lamp inside has done already 1532h of the estimated 2000h. A new lamp is about 450 (!) €.
More information/technical data about it: here.

450 € for a new 120W UHP lamp is much money, especially for such an old machine.

Besides that, it makes a great hullabaloo while working…
Because it’s only worth about 75 € (saw it on the Bay), and besides that I usually do not sell gifts, I’m thinking about modding that thing! Modding? Yes Modding!
A nice place to find information about modding a beamer or build up a really nice beamer from scratch is the DIY-Community.

First thing I’ve done after doing a test run was to disassemble it and to take photographs.
Here the results:

So, what’s the plan?

Important is to reduce the noise this thing is generating, so I want to replace the fans inside with newer ones, hopefully more silent ones. But as you can see on the photos, this is probably not so easy. Perhaps I will only replace the fans on the back and  the bottom side, they are blowing out of the housing, so probably the ones you can hear mostly. But, not so easy again, the fan on the bottom side is under the whole electronics inside, you have to remove alle the guts to replace it. A lot of uncomfortable work!

The other thing is the huge price for a new lamp. But other people do not want do pay this much for a new lamp also. The idea: removing the burner out of the reflector of an original lamp and replacing it with a Xenon light.
Xenon lights have the right color temperature and do not consume excessively much power (35 W / 50 W are enough). You can get a Xenon kit (usually used for cars) for about 60-80 €. A kit consists of a Xenon bulb and the ballast you need. You see a replacement bulb is affordable.
The replacement of the UHP burner may be some challenge because it’s glued in with gypsum and you should glue in the Xenon bulb with gypsum again because of temperature stability reasons.
The ballast is usually driven by 12 V, but I’ve heard there are also 230 V models available. Inside the beamer there’s not much space left, so it could be hard to fit the needed electronics in there. Another task is to make the beamer work without the original burner (he will miss it!) and to integrate the lamp in a way that it will turn on and off only when it’s supposed to be.

You see it’s no afternoon project, perhaps no weekend project either.

I will look foor some fitting ultra-quiet fans at first – the Xenon part of the modding is delayed until the original lamp dies.

If you have experience doing such things, pls let me know!