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Video footage of the CTBot Project

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

I am doing a project for my university which involves a robot, developed by a big community of a very big publisher (Heise), the so called CtBot. Check out their webpage ( or the unofficial page ( which provides an irc channel, wiki and forum, where you can get help.

I put some videos of the progress on youtube and wanted to list them here as well.

This one was the very first testrun where we tried to see if the hardware worked. It did.

Not very intelligent, just trying to avoid obstacles (detected via two sharp distance sensors in the front).

One of our programs make the robot perform like he is drunk and cant ‘walk’ on a straight line.

Here the robot does a 360 degree turn and measures the light in 6 directions, sorts the values, turns back to its initial position and then turns towards the brightest spot.

Just a little game with the distance sensors as input and the screen as output.

Making a clip with a Nintendo DS

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

With its touchscreen input method, a Nintendo DS can also used to draw pictures. what about a software that combines pictures and makes clips out of them, directly on the device?

well, check out Animatee DS! its rather powerfull, user friendly and efficient. you need to be able to run homebrew (software that private people wrote and are not available in nintendo cartridges) software. there are different methods e.g. putting a M3 Simply into the slot1.

after you start Animatee DS you get an interface where you can draw frame by frame. Whilst in drawing mode the buttons ‘L’ or ‘R’ bring up a menu where you can perform different settings like color, framerate, onion mode (where you can see the last frame so its easier to build upon), undo, play and the thickness of the pen.

i made some short clips but actually only one made it to the net. its about a trip we took after graduation at school.

Robot love – love robots!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

So when i have a little time (or not…), i like to play around with different ways of expressing art. of course some electronics are involved, but this time its a little more.

so i took my digital camera, attached a tripod and set up a setup. Since im into robots, i have some of them laying around (thanks to my brother who keep on donating their robottoys to me), so i wanted to make a little ‘use’ of them. why not make a stop-motion-clip?

the process itself was pretty easy:
– think of a plot
– set up the camera, props and lighting
– take pictures, move setting, take picture, etc.
– edit pictures, for me paint.exe did its job
– combine all pictures to a clip. i think i used some random gif-animator and converted the gif to avi with mencoder

A very special valentines gift

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

So back in 2007 it was feb and therefore time for valentines day. Since i wanted to make something very special (hand crafted) i decided to do something with electronics and something that represents the love i feel for my girlfriend. I really liked the idea of combining some e-stuff with the symbol of love.

i made an instructable (uh whats that? its a page thats meant to share instructions for building things, very cool!). check it out here: Instructables

The final result is a seethru heart that can shine in different colors.

she really liked it and the fact that the batteries ran out soon (of course refillable) speaks for it as well!

Volksbeamer down, i repeat, Volksbeamer down

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Arrrgh, Gnarrf, uffz, grrrr!

Thats about what i felt when i ruined my selfmade video projector just because i wanted to ‘add a little feature’ at 2am.

The thing is, i left the lightcone open, because of heat production and flow. but i already had a 120mm 12V fan prepared to transport the warm air out. easy install, since the powersupply of the LCD is also 12V. But NO (caution: this is the mistake!) i had to find a spot on the driver-pcm where i could solder my 12V fan to.

And then it happened. While operating the screen with 12V i measured with my multimeater and accidently shortened two pins on the board.


Thats it, the LCD will not even turn on or anything. Oh well. But i will make some pictures and notes on how i built it in the first place since it was a cheap way of getting a big picture on the wall, and i spent some nice hours with it.